I’m a bit of a coffee kook.  Far from a connoisseur, I just enjoy a great cappuccino, café au lait, café con leche etc…..  I don’t drink coffee at home as I enjoy the art of “going out for coffee” almost as much as the coffee itself.  I know when its good (in my opinion) or not, that’s it.  I am quite obsessed  as I recently realised when counting how many café’s (coffee shop in French 😉 ) that I had tested and approved in Paris (26 to this day !).  Considering I only go to Paris a couple of times of year….  For that reason, if you should see any café’s here that are closed, please let me know !

CLOSE TO HOME (Northern Spain, Basque Country, Béarn)

Sakona    San Sebastian, SPAIN :  I try to get to San Sebastian every couple of months and if its been that long since I’ve had a decent coffee, this place (and the next on the list) gives me much joy !  The coffee is served with flair (on wooden boards with a glass of water) and the atmosphere is great.  The owner Javier Garcia Funez won Spanish Barista championship in 2009 and they roast their own coffee in the nearby city of IRUN on the French border.

Old Town Coffee  San Sebastian, SPAIN: Just as good as Sakona !

Beanz   Pau, FRANCE: A gaggle of lovely women from many backgrounds (New Zealand and Australia included) run this sweet place.

La Torref’   Anglet, FRANCE :  Also a roaster and just a lovely couple that own this place!

Janine  Bayonne, FRANCE: They serve coffee roasted at the above La Torref’ and get the milk just right, so almost as good 😉

PARIS (by arrondissement)

Telescope  1ère:  Closed weekends. Opens at 8h30 so try the creamy scrambled eggs with homemade bread !

Frenchie to go  2ème :  Located on the delicious Rue du Nil, there is also a Frenchie Restaurant and Wine Bar nearby.  I recommend the pricey but worth it version of an egg McMuffin !

Fragments   3éme:  I almost shot out of my seat to hug the server when she asked me if raw milk was ok !!  In Paris, thats quite a challenge 🙂

Loustic   3ème :  Nice comfy room in the back.

Caféotheque   4ème :  Beautiful space with lots of room in many rooms.  BUT a bit over-priced and the service can vary but great coffee so if you are in the neighbourhood….

Le peleton   4ème

Yellow Tucan   4ème :  One of my new fave’s on the edge of the Marais district.

Dose   5ème

Nuance Café  5ème

Strada  5ème

Coutume   7ème :   On of the first of its kind in Paris and still one of the best.

Printemps du gout   9ème On the 7th (and  8th) floor of the Department store “Printemps Homme” is this recently opened fancy pancy food halls, a bit like at the Bon Marché.  Great for roaming around and drooling over the expensive fine grocery items.  Café Lomi18 is present in what may be the great coffee with the BEST VIEW in Paris….  Check it out 🙂

Ten Belle’s  10ème :  Very small, try Ten Belles Bread for the same coffee but in an easier space to enjoy it !

Café craft   10ème :  Nice place for breakfast.

Hollybelly  10ème :  Great atmosphere but victim of their success and hard to get a table sometimes.  I don’t like lining up for a coffee.  Great for breakfast.

Blackburn café   10ème

Radio days   10ème :  Dear husbands fave.

Caoua  10ème

Boulangerie Sain  10ème:  Ok so nothing to do with coffee but so worth mentioning !  Incredibly good bread, croissants and WOW the apple turnover !  Anthony Courteille uses his own Levain (sourdough starter) and organic rustic varieties of flours…  Pick up a coffee at the nearby coffee shops mentioned above, a croissant or apple turnover and head over to the Canal Saint Martin….

Ten Belle’s bread  11ème :  Add pretty amazing bread and baked goods to the delicious coffee.

Spoune   11ème :  Other than the cocoa powder panda sprinkled on the top of my coffee (not a fan of cocoa on cappuccino) very nice coffee.

Mokonuts   11ème :  Nice atmosphere. Avoid from 11h until 14h as they turn into a pretty amazing restaurant at lunchtime (reserve !).

Cafe oberkampf   11ème

Cafe mericourt   11eme :  Little sister of Café Oberkampf.  Try the breakfast sandwich !

Kopi cream  11ème :  Say hi to Mimi the little dog whilst sipping your delicious café.

Bob’s Café  12ème:  What a delight to find this place (hidden in a large cinema complex) in the “coffee desert” 12ème !  Bob is pretty well known in the paris food scene for Bob’s Juicebar in the 10ème and Bob’s Bakeshop in the 18ème. Bob himself made me a beautiful coffee using beans from Café Lomi.  PS  They also make their own NY style bagels.

Hexagone  14ème

Café lomi  18ème

Sylon   18ème :  They get my vote for the lovely decor.

Soul kitchen  18ème

LILLE (coming soon !)


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