Cabbage Kimchi


Its KIMCHI time of year… This year I made 2 batches, one with napa cabbage and the other with a chinese cabbage kindly donated from a friends garden. For spice this year, along with some beautiful organic Espelette pepper, I added some of my own home grown dried hot peppers.

The “napa” batch was made using my tried and true recipe shown here, but I played around with the other batch … No fish sauce but a bit of white rice vinegar, no sugar, harissa paste AND Espelette pepper.

48 hours later the jars are bubbling away already… Should be pretty tasty by the time Chinese New Years celebrations come around 🙂


GOOD food from the good life . . .


I kick myself when thinking about Korean food and it’s recent popularity.  I was in Korea almost 30 years ago (gulp) and I just couldn’t find my food groove.   I don’t remember seeing Bibimbap on the menu, or Bulgogi, and the best “Korean BBQ” I’d had was in Japan ! I remember not really liking anything…  other than …  KIMCHI 🙂  I have great memories of the stuff and that it made everything else taste better ….

To be fair, I think it was just a language problem and I surely missed out on a lot of great food.  But Kimchi remains a solid memory.

Kimchi (or Korean Sauerkraut if you like) is a wonderful spicy traditional lacto-fermented side dish or condiment made using many different vegetables, the most popular being Cabbage.


As with other lacto-fermented products, Kimchi is rich in anti-oxidants and has some great health benefits including…

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