New Solar Oven

There is something special about “sun cooked” food.  I am very possibly dreaming, but I think it tastes better and that the suns energy must add elements that are good for me . . .  Who knows?

I have been happily cooking in a solar oven for years.  My handy husband built the first one and it has been “much more than a gadget” !  As soon as the sun is out, it is on a table in front of the kitchen door with something in it….

This summer we are delighted to be inaugurating a NEW solar oven into the family…

Old solar oven

four solaire.JPG

New “Rolls Royce” solar oven: 


My old oven, on a sunny day in the summer, would get up to 120°C max..  This baby was at 170°C yesterday, I have what was supposed to be roasted tomatoes to prove it. . . 😦


What can you cook in a solar oven ?  Well with this new powerful model I have made stews, pulled pork, tagines, braised meats or veg, Spanish tortillas, baked eggs……  I have also had much more success with baking, as you do need a certain temperature for cakes and bakes to rise.

Some of my favourite things to cook in the “sun”:

My latest pleasant surprise was a roast chicken (with an Ottolenghi twist, recipe to follow soon).  Nicely browned with meat falling off the bone . . .   Have you noticed ?  I’m hooked 🙂









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