Sun cooked rice


I left my husband at home alone with no children for 3 weeks this summer (doesn’t that sound great ?) and he said he was going to “rough it” and only cook using the solar oven.  No sun?  Raw food diet !  Well it was a heat wave most of the time we were gone, so the raw food was not on the menu as often as he had hoped.

He did get inventive with the solar oven though….  From heating water for his morning tea to making . . . RICE !

I didn’t believe that the rice was not “over cooked” so he made us a batch the other day.  The most exciting part is that the little rice grains “stand up” to the sun like little soldiers 😉

He was right, I was wrong….  AGAIN and the rice was perfectly cooked !

1 part rice to 2 parts water directly into the solar oven without pre-heating.  How long?  “depends” is his answer… at least an hour, maybe more !

Bon appetît !


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