Greek style braised beans and paneer cheese

A great twist on two favourites !


Summer continues with loads of sunny days, meaning the solar oven is in over-drive 🙂  The green beans in the garden are also in over-drive so it was time to make an old favourite that cooks just beautifully in the solar oven….  Greek style braised beans.

Adding to the inspiration was a fresh chunk of Feta Cheese that I picked up from George (originally from Crete) in a local market.

My recipe planning continued with a bottle of beautiful raw Jersey cow milk in the fridge…  Hmmm chunks of home made Paneer Cheese  fried in Ghee swimming around in those beans sounds good !



The only thing missing was something so soak up the succulent juices….  to stick with the “Greek” theme, I served this with little rice shaped pasta (a bit like Orzo) also from George and Crete ….

greek pasta

The whole meal took on another aspect by adding slight twists to the original recipes….  A bit more dried Oregano to the beans, the Paneer (usually used in indian dishes) added a creamy protein along with the Feta crumbled over the beans just before serving. The pasta drizzled generously with good organic Olive oil made this a rich vegetarian Sunday lunch  😉

(Click on the above links for the recipes for the cheese, beans & ghee)

Bon appetît !


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