“Bone” broth and what to do with it

Whole chicken ready to be poached. Resulting in tender cooked chicken and a rich delicious broth. So many dishes can be created from these humble beginnings.

I’m still trying to get used to the “new name” that chicken stock has been given 😉  I actually looked up “Bone Broth” to see what all the fuss was about, and found that it’s just good old “stock” or “broth”, we make this chez nous at least 3 times a month to keep a constant stock.

Another shocker with the “Bone Broth” trend is that I realized how many people (even those that like to cook) NEVER make it from scratch anymore !  I would be personally lost without it ….  I’ll give you some ideas below on the various things you can use it for.

For me, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that, in rural France, you either make it or use stock cubes.  No-one sells “fresh” stock (supermarkets, butchers, specialty shops).  The fact that most families here also eat soup on a daily basis in the winter.

I am therefore, delighted that such a nutritious and delicious thing is trying to claw its way back into the main stream (thanks to North Americans skill at food trends that spin out of control (hmmmm Kale?).  I had first read of the wonders of broth on the Westin A. Price website (the man was a genius !).  Go and have a look, you’ll also be drinking raw milk before you know it 😉

I make broth in 3 different ways using the best quality chicken you can get your hands on:

  1. Poaching a whole chicken….  In a very large pot, place your raw chicken and your veg, herbs and other ingredients and cover with water.  After about an hour, remove the chicken and when cool enough to handle, get your hands dirty and strip the bird of its juicy meat.  Put the meat aside for future use and put all the bones back into the stock pot.  Continue to simmer for at least another 2 hours but the longer the better.  Strain and put your beautiful stock in the fridge once cool.  The next day you can just scoop all the fat off the top before using or freezing your stock.
  2. Stock using bones from a roast chicken….
  3. Save time and use a pressure cooker…..
  4. In the summer, I use my trusty solar oven which allows me to simmer the broth all day long….

What to add to the cooking water (some or all of the following, your choice, be creative and its a great way to empty the fridge):  leek or spring onion tops and bottoms, onion skins, garlic cloves (with skin), celery sticks, leaves or root, carrots, turnips etc…..  about 10 whole peppercorns, herbs such as parsley stems and bay leaves.  If you want to go asian try adding a couple of star anise some coriander roots or stems and a chunk or two of ginger root or galangal.

NOTE:  One new thing I have learned from this “new” trend is that adding a good spoonful of cider vinegar helps the good minerals make their exit from the bones into the broth.

Other than the obvious “soup” there are many uses for the broth.  At this time of year, I generally use it for risotto to use up veg from the garden, such as courgettes.  Risotto using “real stock” is miles better than one made using even the best bouillon cubes or powders.  In the winter we often eat a broth based asian soup.

Feel free to share in the comments sections what you like to do with good broth 🙂

Bon appetît !


3 thoughts on ““Bone” broth and what to do with it

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