Very Exciting Chili Butter


I’ve finally had a good Chili year in the garden.  Which creates a new problem…..  What to do with them?  How to preserve them ?  I’m delighted to have fresh hot chili’s for sprinkling on my food (not easy to find those in the French countryside), but I have my limits !  The sad thought of this season ending and having to go back to dried or powdered chili’s got my creative juices going !


So I’ve dried them, I’ve frozen them whole, or chopped.  The variety above are quite “juicy” leading me to think they could go moldy during the drying process.  I think this new idea is going to make me a very happy camper this winter ……  CHILI BUTTER !!!  Not JUST Chili butter but so many other things could be added !  We also have access to a beautifully made fresh, unpasteurised Jersey Cow butter made at a local farm !


How to make fresh CHILI Butter

  • mash up some good quality softened butter using a fork
  • mix well with your finely chopped chili’s and any other chosen ingredients (you could put all ingredients, including butter into a food processor if you like which makes it a whole other experience)
  • scoop that onto a big piece of baking paper and squash it into the best fat sausage shape you can imagine
  • pop in the freezer
  • slice off a piece to be melted onto anything you like directly from the freezer

I’m thinking this would be nice on a curry or dhal when I’ve made it too mild for my kids sake 😉  On a piece of meat or in an Asian style soup or a minestrone.  Any ideas ???  I’m new at this !!


Interesting combinations:

  • Chili, lime zest & coriander
  • Chili & Basil with black pepper
  • Loads of garlic and parsley (amazing melted onto a steak)
  • Lemon zest, dill and black pepper


Have fun with this one, share your ideas,  and bon appetît !


6 thoughts on “Very Exciting Chili Butter

      1. I WILL let you know. Thank you again for sharing. It is really incredible that your recipe combines my two favorites- butter and chili.

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