On the Kale Bandwagon !

If you want Kale in most parts of rural France you need to grow it ….

kalenpolentaLuckily it seems to be quite an easy thing to grow (once you learn to deal with the caterpillars that will fight you for it).  But if you grow it, you can choose what kind you wish to eat ….  Thanks to my dear friend Carol Reid of Mailhos fame (who is also responsible for this recipe idea), I grow mostly the Cavolo Nero variety. Nice straight leaves, which I find more palatable than the really curly stuff.


AND weirdly, my slightly fussy 7 yr old son loves it !  So the Kale is in full force in the garden at the moment and yesterday it was sautéed kale with garlic and chili served on top of a nice simple polenta and a few slices of duck breasts.

kaleThe Kale was simply thinly sliced and sautéed in olive oil with quite alot of garlic and some fresh or dried and crumbled chilis thrown in for good measure…  just until tender.  I used “this recipe” for the polenta using a wonderful locally grown ancient variety of red corn called the “Grand Roux” and a dangerously good un-pasturised butter (no cheese this time).  The Duck breast comes from the farm down the road and just cooked down on the (scored) skin side until most of the fat has cooked off.  Let the duck rest for about 10 minutes and then slice and serve atop the polenta and kale ….

Bon appétit !


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