Oeufs Cocotte or Baked Eggs

We have been experiencing exceptionally warm and often sunny weather this winter, encouraging us to get the solar oven out !  Here is a great simple recipe we like to make in the Solar oven but works great in your normal oven as well 🙂

eoufs cocotteThis is a very versatile recipe, with little “rules”…  All you need is individual ramekin dishes, nice fresh farm eggs, butter, cream (is optional) and then let your imagination take over and tuck some leftover meat, cooked veg and loads of herbs in the ramekin before cracking in the egg.

Our latest Oeufs Cocotte creation (above) was simply some little bits of cooked lardons or crumbled bacon, lots of chopped fresh parsley and chives at the bottom of the buttered ramekins.  Crack in your eggs (we made 4 little pots) and top with a couple slices of nice fresh “raw” butter and some sea salt and freshly ground pepper….

Place the ramekins into a warm water bath then bake in the oven (or solar oven) until the egg is set to your liking.  This should take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes (the latter when using a solar oven.  For a normal oven 180°C should do it.

Serve with nice crusty bread for dipping and a lovely salad.  1 or 2 ramekins per person makes a lovely lunch …

Nice additions for Oeufs Cocotte:
Chopped herbs such as parsley, chervil, coriander or chives
Leftover cooked meat
Shredded duck confit
Leftover cooked veg
Crumbled bacon or pancetta
Chopped and cooked chorizo & chopped grilled peppers
Chopped artichoke hearts
Sun-dried tomatoes
Top with a bit of nice cream instead of butter
The list goes on and on . . .

Bon Appétit  !

four solaire


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