Crispy Duck Pancakes

Are your meals ever inspired by a single ingredient?  Often, I would say…..  Today, its a lovely organic cucumber that someone gave me (in the middle of winter).  Thinking, I’ll make the best of this, not going to compost it just for being “out of season”.  So what does this cuke make me feel like eating?  Then I think of the vacuum packed duck “confit” that I bought at a local farm recently…..  Hmmmmm …  Crispy duck pancakes !


This is really “moreish” food and can’t be done without the cucumbers and spring onion. Are you thinking, its not spring onion season either?  Well I learned from a veggie grower, that if you stick an onion that is sprouting in the ground and leave it, it will grow lovely “spring” onions in the middle of winter.

This is a nostalgic dish for me, since moving to rural France (the land of bad chinese restaurants) from Vancouver (the land of amazing chinese restaurants).  When I first figured out that I could make the pancakes myself, I was then a bit stumped of what to put in them instead of the Peking Duck from chinatown???

Then it came to me !  Duck confit….  which happens to be a big thing in our region.  The texture of the duck meat is very similar to that delicious duck from Chinatown..  If I doctor it up a bit with a bit of chinese 5 Spice and some ginger, it may even be BETTER !!

The duck farmer is not too impressed with my new inventive ways of using her product, but I’m hoping to win her over to the idea, and will have her round for Duck Confit “Peking” Pancakes soon enough 😉

Crispy Peking Duck Pancakes

1/2 cup flour
2 Tablespoons Cornflour
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup milk
2 eggs
2 tablespoons melted butter (or duck fat)
1 Peking duck (or 4 duck confit drumsticks) Chinese five spice & grated ginger
6 green onions
1 cucumber
Hoisin sauce to serve

Combine all ingredients up to and including 1/2 the butter and stick blend or process until smooth.  Cover and let stand at room temperature for 15 minutes or so.

Heat a pan over a medium heat and brush with remaining butter.  Pour a tablespoon of batter into the frying pan and let spread to form a thin pancake.  Cook for about 1 or 2 minutes per side and pile up on a plate until ready to serve.

Remove the skin and meat from the duck and shred the meat.  Warm it up slightly in a pan with the chinese 5 spice and ginger.  If you have some crispy skin, keep that too.

Cut onions and cukes into thin strips and lay them out on a serving platter with the duck meat.

To serve, spred some hoisin sauce on a pancake and top with a bit of duck, cucumber and spring onion before rolling it up and gliding it directly into waiting mouths ……

Bon appetît !


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