Beetroot and Simplicity at its Best …


OK, I know what you are thinking….  Nothing new here !  Everyone knows the lovelyness you get when you pair Beetroot and Chèvre together.

But I just had one of those moments when its quite hard to speak due to moaning about how good the thing in your mouth is, so thought I would share.  I even had 11 yr old daughter begging me for more BEETROOT !

This evenings meal was just a pure example of what can be created with incredibly perfect ingredients …. and …  Simplicity.

The baby beetroot were plucked from the garden, scrubbed then “poached” in a small amount of water with salt and fresh herbs until knife tender.  Once cool enough to handle, their skins were slipped off.

On the plate…..  Slices of cooled beetroot, very very fresh goats cheese, and a lovely mixed salad with whatever you have at its best to put in it !  I had some gorgeous crunchy cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions and garlic and some toasted pumpkin, sunflower seeds and almonds.

LOTS of freshly ground pepper, fleur de sel (we have a producer just 15 minutes from us), fruity olive oil from Provence and a drizzle of good quality balsamic.   A slice of bread from our beloved baker (see previous post for a video about him)

MERCI to all of the wonderful farmers that make this type of meal possible ! AND to beautiful Eva (11 yr old beetroot lover) for taking these pics 😉

Not to forget, the “sulphite” free glass of chilled Jurançon wine…..

HEAVEN on a plate !


Bon Appetît !


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